Paleo Sweets by Kelsey Ale – Review

Paleo Sweets Cookbook by Kelsey Ale – Review

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Paleo SweetsPaleo Sweets is a brand new cookbook by Kelsey Ale, a certified nutritional therapist and paleo baker, as well as being a very unique recipe developer. What she’s offering is a hardcover book of paleo “fat-burning desserts” at absolutely no cost other than the price of shipping and handling. Kelsey’s been engaging her abilities as a nutritional therapist to assist both men and women to regain energy, overcome various health problems, lose weight, and more, using a completely paleo-based diet. She’s now revealing some of her best recipes to the public in this amazing, full-color hardcover book.

What you’re getting

Her book contains 68 recipes in total, showing delicious images of the final results which you can expect after baking is complete. People are often concerned that they’ll have to give up a lot of their favorite foods when they take on a paleo diet, but nothing is further from the truth.  Not only can you still eat most, if not all of the meals you most enjoy, you can also still create countless fantastic desserts as well. In this cookbook, she shows you how to make some of the most amazing desserts, and rather than being fattening, they’ll actually help you to BURN fat instead.

You’ll be able to make such things as Oreos, brownies, cream pies, cookies, and so much more. She’s taken many normal recipes, and turned them into paleo-friendly versions, so that you can still enjoy the same wonderful taste of your most treasured desserts, without the weight gain which comes with it.

What does paleo mean exactly? None of the recipes include any soy, any grain, processed sugar or any ingredients which are processed for that matter.  There’s also no dairy included in any of these recipes either, which may be hard to believe, but it’s true. Almost all the things which normally make desserts fattening are taken out, and replaced with healthier ingredients, and Kelly still ensures that they all taste very good.

Many people who hear about paleo recipes may be concerned that they’re time-consuming, or that you have to be some professional chef in order to make them, but this is simply not the case. Not only can even a novice baker easily make any of these delicious desserts just by following the recipe, most of the recipes can be made in just minutes, so they’re both easy and fast to bake.


Overall, this is something which is hard to pass up on. Kelsey’s giving away this entire hardcover book absolutely free aside from shipping costs, which is just a spectacular deal, though it’s only for a limited time. If you’re someone who’s interested in eating and baking delicious desserts which will help you lose weight and feel better about yourself, rather than pack on the pounds, then this is a fantastic recipe book. Kelsey definitely knows what she’s doing, and it shows in the recipes.

Right now, they’re giving away a few hundred copies of this book. You do have to pay shipping and handling, but it’s far less than a book like this would cost in a local bookstore. More importantly, I don’t think you’ll find something like this anywhere else. Highly recommended.


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