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How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes Naturally


Resistant starch treats diabetes
Discover how resistant starch, found naturally in various foods such as potatoes, bananas and grains, can improve blood sugar by enhancing insulin sensitivity

Paleo diet reverses diabetes
A Paleolithic diet, or Stone-age diet, can improve blood sugar control, enhance weight loss, suppress appetite, and other benefits, compared to Mediterranean or standard diabetes diets

19 of the best foods for diabetes 
Super foods that are especially suited to fight diabetes

The 12 best fruits, vegetables and berries for diabetes 
Unfortunately, eating mixed fruits and vegetables doesn’t necessarily improve diabetes. However, these carefully selected species do

The 10 best spices for treating diabetes
These 10 spices have been scientifically tested to improve blood sugar control, usually in humans

20 teas, juices and drinks that reverse diabetes
You’re going to drink something every day, so why not choose from some of the best beverages that treat diabetes?

7 weight loss supplements that work
Weight loss improves blood sugar control, and weight loss supplements can make the process easier. Discover 7 of the best ones

Can magnesium supplements help for diabetes? Yes
Evidence shows that diabetics often have lower levels of magnesium, and supplements can reduce blood sugar

Alpha Lipoic Acid improves diabetes and neuropathy
ALA, a natural anti-oxidant, improves blood sugar and neuropathy, and can even make you lose weight

Inositol: Promising treatment for diabetes, PCOS, and acne
Inositol is closely related to the vitamin B family, and has been shown to reduce insulin resistance, the hallmark of type 2 and prediabetes

Probiotics: Healthy bacteria can improve diabetes
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that improves overall health. Recent evidence shows that probiotics help for diabetics

Berberine: Effective natural supplement for diabetes 
Berberine, a natural supplement derived from a plant, can lower blood sugar as effectively as prescription drugs, in type 2 diabetics

Suffering from diabetes? Think zinc! 
Diabetics are often deficient (or insufficient) in zinc and supplements can improve blood sugar control

Chromium: Does it help for diabetes?
Chromium is a popular supplement for blood sugar control, but does it really help for diabetics? This article takes a closer look

L-arginine: proven supplement for preventing and treating diabetes
A little-known, natural, amino acid that can prevent and treat diabetes. Backed by solid science

Apple cider vinegar improves diabetes
A superfood that has many uses, not the least of which are antidiabetic properties